Another tip - There is a weekly outdoor market place along the main street in Belluno.  You'll find a variety of vendors selling items ranging from shoes,  clothes,  food, hardware, and collectibles. 

Notes from Bend Resident and Experienced Italian Traveler, Carrie Columbo.

Belluno Italy – Italians, Italians and more Italians and the town couldn’t be more charming. 

Belluno Italy is a “feel good” place:  you feel good about Italians (they’re friendly), You feel good about taking the time to visit Belluno (they are so welcoming) you feel good about cuisine (you can still afford it),  you feel good about nature (vistas abound – you can’t turn around without feeling absorbed by the beautiful white Dolomites) AND this town hasn’t been ruined by post-war construction like Vicenza, Bergamo or Torino.  

There’s also the good water, good coffee, good piazzas, good pizzas, good street cleaners, good toilets – also a cappuccino for less than $2.00 - now tell me, is there anything else on your Italian bucket list?

List of Must Do’s in Belluno:

  • Try to find the “gates of heaven”
  • Sit at caffe Manin and drink Prosecco
  • Visit the Museum which we didn’t but I will next time
  • Hike in their backyard (Dolomites)
  • Enjoy the lower prices before this place is discovered …… it’s all in the timing

Places to Stay in Belluno

  • La Casetta – little house owned by Pierluigi and Michela Trevisan – ten minutes walk to center
  • Albergo Cappello – right in the center but not on the piazza

Places to Eat in Belluno

  • La Trappola – great pasta, you get pasta served in the pan on the picnic tables outdoors
  • La Buca – pizzas are great but also risotto con funghi or mozzarella and tomatoes

Places to hike in Belluno

  • Everywhere

*Written by Carrie Colombo who visited Belluno with her husband Rob Teeters and daughter Nikki Jones

The hotel that we stayed at was Villa Carpenada.  It is a few miles from downtown Belluno. It isn’t walking distance but an easy drive in to that big parking area.  Very good breakfast included with the room and the dinners are great. Quiet location and easy, free parking.

The other hotel that we first tried to stay in was Astor Belluno. It looked really nice, a modern hotel in an old building.  This hotel is right to the left as you leave the building where the escalator is.

They both have websites, so you can check them out.

Belluno is an active city very much like Bend.  Qualities like these:

  • Clean air, very little pollution
  • A very safe city with a crime rate lower than Bend
  • A city known as the “Citta delle Bambini”
  • A city full of “Italian Mothers”, you know the ones who will never let their kids out of the house on a chilly day without a hat, scarf and coat.
  • A city with few tourists

John Helm


I understand you have only one day in Venice and it will be next Sunday, February 8th.  

It is not going to be a simple day, for two reasons: weather forecasts say that it's going to rain and some parts of Venice will be flooded by the high tide (up to a foot) so you will probably need to wear rubber boots.  Second, next Sunday is the Carnival Sunday, so Venice will be VERY crowded, although very colorful and funny.  So, I would suggest you to try and reach St. Mark's square, the very center of Venice, because it will certainly offer a unique glimpse of the venetian Carnival atmosphere, but it would be wise to look for some of the wonderful "campi" and "Campielli" (squares and little squares) and some wonderful churches other than San Marco, like the Frari church (with Titian's masterpiece "L'Assunta" on the main altar) with the nearby Scuola Grande di San Rocco (with a huge oil on canvas painted by Tintoretto) - both very close to the Train Station,  or San Giovanni e Paolo or San Zaccaria, a little more far (in Venice you can only walk...) but away from the big touristic Carnival mainstream...

Anyway, check the weather before deciding any program, since it will certainly effect your Venetian stay.

1. Have a cappuccino

2. Go with the Flow (aka "When in Rome...")

3. Get to Know Your Neighborhood

4. Take a Walk ("La Passeggiata")

5. Shop Till You Drop (Find the specialty stores for the best ingredients)

6. Parle L'Italiana

7. Find Your Happy Place

8. Get Lost

9. Travel ...

10. ... But Make Sure You Come Back

Andy and Caitlin thanks for sharing!

Insiders tip to a day in Venice from Marco Perale, our good friend in Belluno and one of the founders of the Bella Bend Beautiful Belluno Sister City Organization.  We've added these tips since Venice is less than a hour from Belluno.

parts of the world have similar community issues and to appreciate how they have attempted to solve these.  Here is an example of how, in our short history with Belluno, Italy we have already identified a 
common issue, downtown parking, and learned a unique solution that works for Belluno.  Marco showed them that Belluno had few parking places in the core city area but had open parking lots several hundred feet lower and down an embankment from the city center.  Belluno’s solution is a tube escalator to transport people from the lower parking to the historic and business city above and back.

John Vallerga writes about two hotels in Belluno

Notes from Bend Resident and Experienced Italian Traveler, Gerald Marcyk

Jerry is founder of the popular Monthly Italian Food, Culture and Wine series

Ten Tips for Visiting Rome 

similarities in municipal issues, downtown parking issues to concerns about immigration.  We see a real opportunity for a sister city relationship between Bend and Belluno.

If you have a rental car,  take a day trip through the spectacular scenery of the Dolomites.  Head westbound on Hwy 203 through the Dolomite National Park to the city of Agordo.   If you are really looking for adventure,  take the cut off near Alleghe up the steep and winding road to the Paso di Giao.   After 21 marked and numbered hairpin turns, you will arrive at the lodge with stunning views at the top of the 7300 ft mountain pass.   Continue down the road to the famous ski resort of Cortina d'Ampezzo and take Hwy 51 back to Belluno.  Allow 8-10 hours.

What to see and do in and around

Beautiful Belluno

Local Italophile and traveler Jerry Marcyk  shares practical information on how to see Venice.  He shares how to avoid frustration in this world famous and crowded tourist destination and how to see some of the hidden treasures that the average tourist misses.  We are currently unable to load the entire PowerPoint presentation, until we do we have added several shots of Jerry's presentation.  Much more to come.

How to see and enjoy Venice

Notes from Bend Resident and Experienced Italian Traveler, Gerald Marcyk

Jerry is founder of the popular Monthly Italian Food, Culture and Wine series

As residents of Bend, Oregon USA we were excited to visit Belluno, Italy as we had heard about the beauty of the area.  We were overwhelmed both by the picturesque city of Belluno with the Dolomites in the background but also the similarities between Bend and Belluno.  Skiing, white water rafting, rock climbing and hiking plus a strong outdoor spirit we noted of the citizens of both cities.  As we visited with members of the city government we were again taken with the 

Notes from John Helm, Belluno architect, who with   his wife and architectural partner Luisa Melancini         wrote "Everyone's Italian Cookbook". 

Andy and Caitlin Vades presented these ten tips for visiting Rome based upon their recent experience of living for two years in "The Eternal City."  We thought these tips apply to any traveler visiting Italy.  

Bend Belluno Sister Cities Cultural Exchange

BEN ARRIVATA                   DI                       EVENTI                       SCAMBI                   METTE IN EVIDENZA              CONTATTO

Ron and Pam Garzini were two of the first from Bend to visit Belluno, Italy in the formative stages of our sister city relationship. 

One of the goals of the International Sister City Program is to understand that other communities in other 

Travelers Tips