Bend Belluno Sister Cities Cultural Exchange

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2023 Youth Exchange

 The  Summer Vacation - That Lasts a Life Time

Bend Plaque Celebration

       Photos by R. Todd Cary

Welcome BBQ

Ciao For Now - in Bend

Ciao For Now - in Belluno

White water Rafting on the Deschutes River

Trip to the Dolomites

Bend-Belluno short-term cross-cultural exchange has been successful in introducing high school juniors to a different culture and a “wider world view”.  Over the past seven years, 65 students have participated in this unique cross-cultural exchange that has at its center a reciprocal and equal relationship.  


mate and our host family the various moments of everyday life, being treated as part of an extended family."

Maria continues " "During the long time we spent with each other, there were obviously ups and downs, however the moments of struggling turned out to be crucial to everyone's growth path, both on a personal and cultural level".   

One direct benefit that we see every year is the friendship and new cultural knowledge that the students have gained with their six-week shared summer experience.  And a strong indirect benefit is the relationship that the host parents quickly develop and maintain with the exchange student.   We are seeing that students have developed lifelong friendships often with their matched student but sometimes even stronger with host parents, brothers/sisters.

The Bend-Belluno short-term cross-cultural exchange is a collaborative effort between the Bella Bend Beautiful Belluno sister city organizations and the Rotary Clubs of Bend and Belluno.

Maria Costan Davara, from Belluno who was part of this years cross cultural exchange writes, "The experience was divided in two different parts: during the first one which took place in Belluno we had the chance to introduce our mates to our wonderful Dolomiti landscapes, our local delicacies and our traditions, letting them become part of our daily lives; in the second part we flew to our mates' homeland and we ourselves became visitors in their places. Where . . . .  we shared with our exchange

Welcome Pizza

​   ​2023 Summer Youth Exchange

The  Summer Vacation - That Lasts a Life Time

​​Breakfast on camp out at Sparks Lake (2019)


Belluno Plaque Celebration

Resting after group hike in the Dolomites (2019)