While in Belluno for the 2015 Youth Exchange Claire and Kacie participate in the Sister City plaque ceremony 

From Angelo:

In Belluno there is now a plaque recognizing our sister city relationship.

At 11:30 first part of the ceremony at the counsellor room of the municipality. Greetings by the counsellor for youth policies, Valentina Tomasi​.  After I presented on behalf of the sister city committee the meaning of the sister city and its name - Bella Bend Beautiful Belluno, its history, the activities done, the plaque and the meaning of its logo and how it was made by the common effort coordinated by Neal and John Helm. We mentioned also the work in preparing the Belluno version of the plaque coordinated by Alberto Alpago Novello and my brother Ermes, the work of the three sponsors of the plaque, the rule of both Rotary Clubs in all activities,  the youth exchange program and the kids of this year.​ Marco Perale read the letter from Mayor Clinton, than there was the greetings of the vice mayor of Belluno Lucia Olivotto and of the representative of the USA Consulate in Venice, Megan Jones. 
​Followed the ​delivery of a gift by the City and our Committee to Ms. Jones and also by both Giorgio Turi (president) and Gabriele Arrigoni (incoming president).

Than we moved to the Piazza dei Martiri were after short greeting to the people present by counsellor Valentina Tomasi, vice mayor Olivotto and myself, Claire and Kacie discovered the plaque that was until that moment covered by the flag of Belluno.
Followed the national hymns of United States and Italy played by the clarinets and transverse flute of the students of the music class of medium school of the town of Arsié meanwhile our kids were holding the USA and Italian flags.
Present during the ceremony also some kids and parents of last year exchange
Afterwards to all was given the Bella Bend Beautiful Belluno t-shirt.
Really a nice morning also perfect because of the nice sunny warm weather.
Next days I send you the pictures made by the City press office and also press review.Type your paragraph here.

Kacie looks back at her summer exchange in Belluno

Bend Belluno Sister Cities Cultural Exchange

My experience with the Bend Belluno exchange was unforgettable. It was an amazing way to experience a new culture, while feeling at home in Italy. I had the opportunity to visit places I never imagined I would, never even imagined existed.

This exchange was special because I visited many small towns and local attractions I never would have seen without local knowledge. I also had the pleasure of making friends

I will never forget.

Everyone I met was extremely kind, even though we didn’t speak the same language. I highly recommend this experience to anyone who would like to not only see the world, but experience it and make connections. 

BEN ARRIVATA                   DI                       EVENTI                       SCAMBI                   METTE IN EVIDENZA              CONTATTO

2015 Youth Exchange

The  Summer Vacation - That Lasts a Life Time