Annual celebrations -Bend-Belluno plaque in Old Mill District is site of our community sister city relationship. The Italian Dixieland Jazz Band adds to the festivities and Greg’s Grill is our host.  Over 100 Bend folks enjoy the beautiful Central Oregon afternoon.

Monthly Italy, wine, food and culture talks - Now in its 5th season Jerry Marcyk recruits locals and Belluno visitors to speak about hiking, biking painting cooking and wine tasting in parts of Italy.  More than 50 folks gather once a month during the fall and winter to share Italian experiences and a glass of wine.

Summer Youth Exchange - In the last four years more than thirty-five students have participated in our high school cross-cultural exchange.  Each year brings more connections that continue to bind not only the young people but families even after the formal exchanges are over.

International show of support- A small delegation comprised of the Carlotta Spinazz family (of the first exchange ) and of Lorenzo Barattin (second exchange) had the opportunity to meet the cyclist of Sky Team of Bend,  Ian Boswell, participated in the Giro d'Italia. They gave Ian a BellaBendBeautifulBelluno t-shirt as a present before the hardest stage of the Giro through the Dolomites.  

Unveiling Bend-Belluno sister city plaque ceremony in Belluno (to right).  Each plaque is located in a prominent public area.  Belluno’s in the city plaza and Bend’s in Old Mill District.  Kreg and Judy Roth were the first Bend couple to be photographed in front of both sister city plaques

Each year since 2013, when our cities of Belluno and Bend were formally established as sister cities, we have seen more opportunities for exchanges and collaborative efforts, bringing our citizens closer together.  Youth, culinary, sports, and educational talks are just some of the friendship exchanges our citizens are developing.  The goal is to better understand the other's culture through social, economical and political perspectives and to discover amazingly common issues.  The following are just some of the program milestones.

Sister city plaques in Bend (to right) and Belluno.  Public display of concrete efforts between our sister cities.  The plaque logo and design were the result of collaborative efforts  between Bend architect Neil Huston and Belluno architects John Helm and Louisa Melacini.

2017 Summer Youth Exchange

The  Summer Vacation - That Lasts a Life Time

Laura Becker, a driving force in our culinary exchange, is working closely with COCC to continue and expand our culinary exchange.  Plus opening opportunities for music and forestry sabbatical exchanges.

Program Milestones

Summer Youth Exchange 2017 - Our biggest yet - seven students from Bend will fly to Venice and will be greeted by host students and families from Belluno to begin the seven week cross cultural exchange program.  In preparation Belluno students practice a new language and discuss culture over a Bend Meal.

Bend Belluno Sister Cities Cultural Exchange

BEN ARRIVATA                   DI                       EVENTI                       SCAMBI                   METTE IN EVIDENZA              CONTATTO

Marco Perale and Angelo Paganin from Belluno spent a week in Bend in 2014.  They participated in numerous meetings and events, sharing about Belluno and learning about Bend.

Culinary Exchange - COCC’s  Cascade Culinary Institute partners  with Belluno province’s Scuola Alberghiera of Falcade. Students and chef from Bend visit Belluno for month of teaching and learning.  Then chef and culinary students from Belluno province visit Bend and teach and train with students at COCC’s Cascade Culinary Institute.  Now in our second year.

Ursula Paganin, a Belluno college student and competitive swimmer and water polo player, visits Bend for a month and volunteers at Juniper pool, helping with swim classes.