BEN ARRIVATA                   DI                       EVENTI                       SCAMBI                   METTE IN EVIDENZA              CONTATTO

The intercultural exchange overlapping the ocean continues, thanks to Agordo Follador-De Rossi's school, or the institute food and tourism of Falcade ,  with students from Oregon located in Northwestern Pacific region of the United States,  They have established a kind of culinary "sister city' program.
At the beginning of the week in Valle del Biois ,  two female students and one chef from the Cascade Culinary Institute Bend came from Oregon for intercultural exchange also involved the Rotary Club of Belluno.   The project was born four years ago when a student attending  the Follador - De Rossi institute, practiced a period of internship in the United States.
The two students who arrived in Agordino during the stay will be hosted by the "Le Codole" restaurants of Canale d'Agordo, "La Vecia Osteria" in Alpago and the pastry shop "Rossetti" in Le Campe,  where you will be able to find out more their gastronomic knowledge.
The guests were welcomed by the students of Follador De Rossi, whose job was to entertain them on the first days of their stay with guided tours at the school and at Canale D'Agordo. The program also includes English lessons by the Chef Yetman and visits  to the most desirable destinations of the Veneto.    Also thanks to the support of the Cassa Rurale Val di Fassa and Agordino

At the Le Crode distillery

Up Date October 14, 2017

Laura writes from Bend to Angelo at the conclusion of the culinary exchange in Belluno - 

     "Thank you as always, for your commitment to our culinary exchange efforts.  Chef Yeatman’s reports that everything has exceeded their expectations.   He spoke highly of his teaching experience, their school observations, the stages and the culinary and cultural excursions."  

Angelo writes from Belluno, as chef and students return to Bend

On Monday, 2 October, we had a day trip to Cortina (home of the rich and famous) where we saw the only other Americans on the trip.  We had a nice café lunch and from there, went to an agritourismo in Misurina where parts of the new Star Wars were filmed.  We then traveled the hillside back to Belluno, and back to Falcade.

Yesterday morning, 3 October, we went to Belluno to Locanda San Lorenzo ( and received a tour of the entire operation from wine cellar (WOW), inn, dining, kitchen, etc., then took a tour of the Consiglio Forest, came back to San Lorenzo for the local tasting menu.  WOW again, 8 courses (they threw in a couple extra for us).  As we waddled our way out and said our good-byes, we got a tour of one of Angelo’s projects, Cantiere del Gusto Farm.  There is some very cool stuff going on here that we will share when we return.  Then we met Marta and Angelo and Marta gave us a wonderful tour of Belluno proper.  Afterwards, as if we needed more food, we went to Cantiere del Gusto (connected to the farm) and had traditional Italian Kebabs (mix between a wrap and a burrito).  VERY GOOD.  
​ ​
We said our good-byes and (being very well fed), took the hour drive back to our flat in Falcade.

Ciao,  Wayne

    "This second edition of our sister city culinary exchange was really positive, I’d comment on the really good job done by Wayne at the school and in the classes.  The new staff worked well with Marta's involvement although she is no longer officially a teacher at institute.
      So for now another step was done to deepen the relationship between Bend and Belluno ".

The students finished the first placement strong on Sunday.  Devan was to move from the bakery to the first restaurant Shannon staged in but, since the bakery was so impressed, and the bakery’s owner dates the chef of the other restaurant, Devan wasn’t traded but is staying per the request of the bakery owner. She is psyched!  Shannon will stage at Garni Costa, a pizza/Bavarian style restaurant we’ve been to a couple of times.  I will spend a day in both restaurants and teach another lesson on Friday.

Chef Wayne and students Shannon and Devan

visited Le Crode distillery and the city of Feltre.  

 Our Second

Culinary Exchange 

Update: October 3, 2017
from:  Wayne, Chef Instructor
In Italy

Bend Belluno Sister Cities Cultural Exchange

Laura Becker, on right listens as Chef David introduces culinary students headed to Belluno and highlights his culinary exchange experience.  Laura is an active member of our sister city team continues to find connections between COCC and the Belluno community.  Plus Laura has been working with Angelo and Marco from Belluno and COCC's administration and faculty to find exchanges in music and other fields.