BEN ARRIVATA                   DI                       EVENTI                       SCAMBI                   METTE IN EVIDENZA              CONTATTO

In Belluno For

Giro d'Italia

Belluno Italy – Italians, Italians and more Italians and the town couldn’t be more charming. Coincidentally we landed in the midst of the Giro d’Italia.

Belluno Italy is a “feel good” place:  you feel good about Italians (they’re friendly), You feel good about taking the time to visit Belluno (they are so welcoming) you feel good about cuisine (you can still afford it),  you feel good about nature (vistas abound – you can’t turn around without feeling absorbed by the beautiful white Dolomites) AND this town hasn’t been ruined by post-war construction like Vicenza, Bergamo or Torino.  

There’s also the good water, good coffee, good piazzas, good pizzas, good street cleaners, good toilets – also a cappuccino for less than $2.00 - now tell me, is there anything else on your Italian bucket list?

Belluno came alive on Tuesday – pink balloons, pink banners (“fight for pink”), pink shirts, shoes and pants, pink bike in the park, the music begins and is loud and contagious.  On the free day before the time trial the town is being groomed, sponsor and sports equipment booths, news trailers, stands and helicopters, pink balloons hanging from lamp posts, windows  and trees : it is magic.

My only regret of our short visit was not spending enough time hiking in the Dolomites.  We did go for a little hike to a very secret place called “heavens gate” …. Well, so now it’s not so secret.

To find this place one would probably need instructions from Marco Perale, our humorous guide, journalist, city councilman, historian and friend of Jayne and Oran  (the Bend connection).  So for those who haven’t met him let me tell you about Marco.  He’s charming, handsome, funny … and…very married with a beautiful wife named Mari Angela who also happens to be a civil attorney

List of Must Do’s in Belluno:

Try to find the “gates of heaven”
Sit at caffe Manin and drink Prosecco
Visit the Museum which we didn’t but I will next time
Hike in their backyard (Dolomites)
Enjoy the lower prices before this place is discovered …… it’s all in the timing

Places to Stay in Belluno

La Casetta – little house owned by Pierluigi and Michela Trevisan – ten minutes walk to center
Albergo Cappello – right in the center but not on the piazza

Places to Eat in Belluno

La Trappola – great pasta, you get pasta served in the pan on the picnic tables outdoors
La Buca – pizzas are great but also risotto con funghi or mozzarella and tomatoes

Places to hike in Belluno


*Written by Carrie Colombo who visited Belluno with her husband Rob Teeters and daughter Nikki Jones

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