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International opportunity to help our friends in Belluno -

send checks through our The Bend Sister City Foundation 

Join others in Bend to support Belluno in this special led Rotay effort to help those most vulnerable when a similar disaster should strike again.


Belluno recovery and develops plan for future - Bend opportunity  to help

It has been three weeks since the catastrophic natural disaster struck most all of Italy and Belluno in particular.  Vivid images of homes and business, roads and buildings ruined after five solid days of ultra fierce winds and an unrelenting rain storm.  Left are many Italian villages cut off by landslides with some of the worst damage around Belluno.  

There were villages isolated and without light and phone connection for more than a week in Agordino, Cadore and Feltre. “Downed trees were scattered like toothpicks and officials said the wind had knocked down more trees in a handful of hours than local woodcutters could have cut down in three years.”

Seeing the images and hearing of the devastation in the villages up from Belluno our human urge was to quickly send money to help our Belluno friends who had lost so much.  Although, at the time we felt our best response, was to work through our Bend-Belluno sister city organization and the individual relationships we have developed over the last 7 years..  We therefore immediately contacted Angio Paganin and he advised us to wait patiently so they could develop a plan to help those most in need and not duplicate efforts of the many governmental emergency and relief efforts .  

Angelo as president of the Belluno Rotary club has led an effort to developing a plan through Rotary, local cities and communities and civil defense organizations.  This week we heard from Angelo who shares in the attached letter their plan going forward. This is a proactive plan to help those individuals and families who are most vulnerable when a similar disaster should strike again.  These are the folks who live in the most isolated areas in the Dolomites including the valleys up from Belluno such as Agordo which was particularly hit hard.

The focus of the plan is to address the need to have back up emergency radio communication when traditional methods (mobile and fixed lines) of communication fail as they did in October.  This is a well thought out plan working with community leaders and families and doesn’t duplicate efforts of the local and regional civil defense, and community emergency and follow up services.

Kathie Ekman of the Bend Sister City Foundation volunteered to accept funds through her for this effort so that any donations are tax deductible through her 501(c)3 foundation.

Certainly we don’t want to divert any of your giving away from our neighbors in California in their efforts to recover and rebuild.  We also know that many in Bend now have close and personal ties to people and places in Belluno and want to help. This is just one effort to continue to support and build our international relationship with our friends in Belluno.   

The Devastation in Belluno - “Veneto on her Knees

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