Bend Belluno Sister Cities Cultural Exchange

BEN ARRIVATA                   DI                       EVENTI                       SCAMBI                   METTE IN EVIDENZA              CONTATTO

Individually Arranged Exchanges, another exchange Opportunity between Our Sister Cities

​Independent Exchanges

                                Belluno has finally opened everything, after 70 days of                                             lockdown.Today no more IC patients in Belluno’ Hospital and                                   more than half of the municipalities in Belluno Province have                                   been declared Covid free. We still have a few positive cases, but we still are the sixth (out of seven) least hit province in Veneto Region, that after the first outburst in early March has done a great job, ending up as the best and quickest recovering region in northern Italy.  Ten times better than Lombardy and Milan, as numbers testify.
Restaurants and bars, gardens and pools, stores and gyms, barbers and gelato parlors are finally open again.   This school year is going to close on a remote way. From June we are going to open Summer Schools for grade school kids and next School Year is going to be normal, besides wearing masks

​   ​2019 Summer Youth Exchange

The  Summer Vacation - That Lasts a Life Time

Belluno Update from Marco Perale

President Felice Gaiardo of the Belluno Rotary club and the Governor of District 2060 Massimo Ballotta of the formal signing ceremony in Belluno, Italy.  This is part of a celebration in Belluno of the Rotary International theme of "Rotary Connects the World"


7th Annual Bella Bend Beautiful Belluno Celebration

"Continuing to build International Friendships through 

Summer Youth Cross Cultural Exchange"

Resting after group hike in the Dolomites

Community Sponsors

"Sister" Rotary clubs - Belluno, Italy and Bend, Oregon.

Each year through our sister city cross-cultural exchange our students have a unique opportunity to live in a different culture.  Students will have great experiences plus enjoy international friendships and will gain an expanded world view,

Ilaria and Eleonora, Andra, Ursala and Zara from Belluno, working through our sister city organization each spent a month as part of the Bend community.  These are individually arranged working exchanges allowing.  Each of our guests from Belluno have participated in volunteer activities and joined in with Italian conversation groups plus enjoying being part of a Bend family for the month.  These individual exchanges have been particularly meaningful for as Coach Bob Bruce pointed out after his masters swim exchange in Belluno, ""The 'sister city' connection is great, but it's particularly meaningful when one finds a group of people in our sister city that share your passion."  

​​Breakfast on camp out at Sparks Lake

Different Language, Different Culture, Different Countries

Bella Bend Beautiful Belluno Sister Cities
Responding to COVID-19 together, from a distance

Connections between our Communities

Thinking about travel in Italy?  Why not include a visit to our sister city of Belluno.  Here are some insiders notes to help you "feel at home" while being in Italy.

​Travelers Tips

Current Activities - "Shelter at Home" Stories